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Agriculture Machinery & Equipment( Listings)
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Hand push agricultural insecticide spraying machine
Taian TianZe Group Work Win Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland)
US $300.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
10 Sets(Min. Order )
Wheat and rice straw baling machine
JiNing WenShang Group Work Win Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland)
US $3,000.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
30 Sets(Min. Order )
Cheapest high efficient agricultural farm tools rotary mini tiller cultivator
Weifang Hanting Group Work Win Co., Ltd
China (Mainland)
US $ 250.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
30 Sets(Min. Order )
3 point of soil preparation machines reversible furrow plough
China (Mainland)
US $700.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
1 Sets(Min. Order )
mini hand walking behind kubato 2 wheel tractor cheap price for whole sale
qingzhou gaoliu group work win co,ltd.
China (Mainland)
US $8,000.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
5 Sets(Min. Order )
Agricultural Self Propelled Four-Wheel Drive Pesticide Spraying Power Agriculture Boom Sprayer Machinery
Heze Xindan Group Work Win Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland)
US $ 3,500.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
3 Sets(Min. Order )
HRP-2 Two-row manual rice transplanter philippines
Dezhou Kevin groupworkwin Co.,Ltd
China (Mainland)
US $500.000 / Tons (FOB Price)
1 Tons(Min. Order )
50HP 4WD Farm Tractor
Binzhou tianwenhao Group Work Win Co, Ltd.
China (Mainland)
US $ 1,500.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
1000 Sets(Min. Order )
Agricultural machine /mini agricultural equipment/agricultural farm tractor for Promotion
Qingdao Time Group Work Win Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland)
US $16,000.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
10 Sets(Min. Order )
Tractor 3-point connection agricultural round tube disc three-plow
Taian Deng Gaofeng Group Work Win Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland)
US $ 1,200.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
1 Sets(Min. Order )
Multi-functional vegetable planter Carrot planter tomato planter
DongPing Group Work Win.Co.,_Ltd
China (Mainland)
US $850.000 / Sets (FOB Price)
2 Sets(Min. Order )
Trailed Air Blast Orchard Sprayer
Heart matched Greenhouse
China (Mainland)
US $0.000 / (FOB Price)
(Min. Order )
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